29 ¼ Miles on the Canal


Welcome to Andrew Fitzgibbon’s Open College of Arts (OCA) learning log. This will contain work for the Photography BA level 3, Body of Work (BoW) and Contextual Studies (CS).

The log is structured so that assignments for BoW and CS are located under a shared top-level menu but can also be viewed independently through the sub-menus. The arrangement is similar for the coursework content.

The reflective journal contains my reflections on my visual and contextual work as it progresses. It forms a dialogue with myself.

The contextual & practice research section flags key aspects of my contextual studies research and practice-based research. For contextual studies in particular, significant work is maintained outside of this blog in a research folder (Zotero), a literature review, and drafts of my thesis.


The general intention for this work is to use the 29¼ mile stretch of canal between Skipton and Leeds to explore how meaning is attached to place. It will initially examine a number of themes before settling on a final direction.

Route © Ordinance Survey

I began with an interest in the idea that a person’s identity can only be understood when their surroundings are used as a map. And, how the map continues to express identity, even in the absence of people. It formed a segue from portrait to landscape and back. However, as my research progressed, it soon became apparent that the direction would evolve throughout!

As part of the visual representation of my work, I will work with different ways of presenting photographic images as objects. To take them from the ubiquitous screen and bring them into the physical world.