A fresh look at the dissertation

After a long time away from my CS work and some recent procrastination, last night I read it again. I knew it would not be as a wanted it. Completing my BoW and discussions in the tutor-led L3 hangout have changed my perspective and understanding of what the dissertation can be and how it can develop my practice. Nonetheless, much of the existing content is useful – just not structured around the right argument and with the right focus.

I’ve been asked to feedback on the OCA course (as is standard when at this stage). I need to think about this – BoW and CS seem to me the most poorly structured and lacking in conceptual framework and logic of all the OCA courses. I’ve learned a lot through the struggle but am left with the feeling that the course structure was more of a hinderance than help at many points.

One aspect I reflect upon is the lack of joint tutorial input that might help to earlier encourage the linking of the two arms of the work. A recent idea introduced to me was that CS should help one to better explain one’s body of work. This is essential, with CS then focused specifically on my ‘voice’ – not describing the BoW itself but enabling and explanation of it. Either this idea is not contained in the course materials, or I somehow missed it.

Time to go yet again and finally bring everything together.