A1.BoW: tutor feedback

A belated update to my blog on my tutor’s feedback from the diagnostic assignment 1. A pdf is linked below. This feedback was on work made earlier in the year and while I’ve made some progress on the contextual studies aspect of the course, I’ve since had little time for making photographs.

I make notes on the feedback now, as I see it within the current context of my work:

  • The canal (water) as a connecting theme remains important. I’m now exploring ways of seeing it through the lens of cultural geography; how different users of the canal attach meanings to it. Overlaying this, through my more recent research, is how ways of seeing might be influenced by the traditional geography binaries of city / country.
  • The sense of making-do and improvisation in areas relative poverty is one aspect I intend to explore further. Including subcultures that kick against the hegemonic representation of the canal (presented by the Canal & River Trust).
  • Lost skills and new skills around the de-industrialised canal is another aspect I intend to explore – people and their interaction with space to forge meanings.
  • I have a long-standing interest in contemplative photography – in my research there is a theme of ideologies and binary interpretations of space hindering the process of seeing and understanding. There may be some connection between a contemplative approach and the unravelling of habitual binary thinking.

Some useful suggestions for further research were offered, including the idea of film-works and incorporating sound into my own work. These are noted in the feedback, which I’ll follow up on later.