A1.CS Tutor feedback

My own notes are included in the tutor feedback – pdf is linked below. I won’t replicate what is said in here, but note points for upcoming research and work.

  • Research the concepts of cultural heritage and cultural politics. Look widely to draw inspiration and consider the role of the CRT as a key stakeholder in respect of canals in the UK.
  • Look at tourism (including the tourists’ gaze) as one of the key uses of canals in the 21st century. Even if I’m not immediately drawn to this aspect as subject matter for images, the research could draw out something beyond the obvious.
  • ‘ Canals as an industrial artefact that are subsumed in the tourist gaze and the urban-pastoral? ‘ My own description of how I’m begin to see the canals. Remember this as a potential theme during research. Look at other photographic works taking this as a theme (ie beyond the canal) – the High Line and Petrochemical America (Mishrach) for example.
  •  Look at for signs of subcultures around the canal – visit at different times of the day.
  • Read into ‘geography of heritage’ and look at Rob Shields’ Places on the Margin: an alternative geography of modernity. Examine the changing use of the canal / peripheral industries that support the tourist industry for example.

I quote my tutor’s closing advice, as a reminder to self:

... at this point you should focus on unpacking and making sense of canals as distinct physical spaces that provide sites for an array of cultural practices. With this, I’m confident that you’ll have more than enough to go on.

I was feeling more optimistic about making some headway this morning during my long daily commute … until I lost internet connection and the words! Perhaps drafting should be in Word during train journeys.

PDF of feedback.