A3.CS Essay Plan – process

The course material outlines the requirements of this assignment:

  • It requires a plan for the extended written project (around 500 words) detailing the separate chapter headings and their content, and how the 5,000 words of your project will be distributed.
  • It should include a 500–1,000 word sample text. This could be a draft introduction or any other part of your extended written project that you’re able to write at this stage.
  • It should also include details of when each section will be written and set a realistic deadline for your first draft (Assignment Four)
  • It also mentions that research interests should have been outlined in the literature review, so focus should be on the mapping of the extended project.

I’m beginning to build a routine for this type of work and outline it here for later reference.

In preparing for this assignment, I have done research on research in the context of visual practice; I am intending for the extended written project inform by BoW and visa versa – is not a requirement of the OCA course for one aspect to support the other, but I see value in this as part of my practice.

My literature review is not included on this blog to avoid any complications with plagiarism / self-plagiarism by publishing it. I’ve decided that this should be a living document supporting my written project, so will be updated to reflect additional contextual information as the work progresses. This seems to be good academic practice.

I’ve updated my digital research folder so the contents are grouped by subject area (initially I was following the course structure/outline) for ease of reference and I also started to add research notes directly into the folder, along with tags for content. I’m using Zotero as a tool.

I will use a mind mapping tool to shape my outline plan as I find the visual approach helpful in organising and adjusting structures.

Finally, I’ve again referred to Gilda William’s book for advice on writing about contemporary art – specifically academic essays.


Williams, G. (2014) How to Write about Contemporary Art. (s.l.): Thames & Hudson.