Back at it

Back onto BoW after a long time away for various reasons. Still have plenty of time to finish, my original plan was to have been done by now! C’est la vie.

Good to be back out shooting yesterday. A long walk to Winterburn Reservoir in the Dales – built by the Victorians, as traffic volumes increased, to replenish the canal from its high point. The reservoir features on Historic England’s website as an unusual example of canal waterworks being given the architectural treatment. I thought about the navvies who built the reservoirs and canals – it’s difficult to find out much about them, but they started work as young as 7 years old and seem to be just a footnote against the great works of civil engineering.

I walked through a field of horses on the high ground – I later read that the livery yard had complained to the Canal & River Trust about the reservoir leaking onto and ruining large areas of crazing land. Reflecting on my dissertation as I walked, I decided it would be wise to let it sit for a while and make final adjustments to reflect the experience of shooting the BoW.

I took a few shots from the wrong end of the reservoir from an isolated private field. A morning’s work for a few photos! I think one is a keeper and will include it in A3. When processing, I discovered that I’m now running Photoshop 2020 so had a look into the improved functionality and had a bit of a play with it.