Contextual Studies| Tutor Initial Call

My preliminary call with my Contextual Studies tutor (AC) was on 14 May – it’s taken me a while to find time for the write-up. Things are generally busy for me but this week I have some time to catch up with studies.

We talked around my idea for BoW and general advice for the approach towards the CS work. I mentioned that I’d put it slightly to the side while I’d be establishing a direction for the visual work. He reminded me of the importance of both aspects informing one another an encouraged me to make a start – tutorial for diagnostic assignment 1 is set for 11 June, with essay to be submitted on Friday 7th.

General suggestions, comments and observations made in discussion

  1. Emphasised the importance of reading widely and going through a processes of elimination to hone in on fewer points in detail. Emphasis should be on quality, not quantity.
  2. Recommended finding academic journal websites that are relevant to BoW (eg cultural geographies).
  3. Some suggestions for relevant areas of research:
    1. De-industrialisation
    2. What has happened to canals – ‘retired gentle folk’ / policy and legal issues around use.
    3. Pastoral and urban aspects to the canal – Air b’n’b?
    4. Alternative lifestyles / ways of living – is the canal predominantly ‘white’.
    5. Cultural politics
  4. Finally we discussed requirements for the ‘research folder’. The course material suggests that ‘everything’ I’ve looked at should be captured here and shared with the tutor. This seemed puzzling to both my CS and BoW tutors. Agreed that I would capture everything (using Zotero) so that it is available, but only flag aspects of research directly relevant to assignment work.