CS.A5 | Tutor Feedback

My tutor’s feedback on A5 has been sitting in my inbox, while I’ve been focusing on my BoW. Here I summarise the aspects of the feedback help with further refinement before I submit the work for assessment.

Overall a good draft with lots of ‘really engaging stuff’ with the potential to be improved by further editing. Key points are:

  • Further attention to flow of the work and cutting out some passages that may not be essential. ‘Don’t be sentimental’. At the same time ensure that which remains is fully unpacked. I’ve been conscious of the word count limit throughout and weeding out some areas would allow the remainder to grow.
  • Introduction needs to be more engaging and give the feeling to the reader they are in safe hands. This is partly related to the current structure and argument around meaning. I’ve since been considering the notion of heterotopia, which would centre work around the canal and allow the work on meaning to become part of the analysis, rather than introduce the work.
  • Need add more nuance to the depiction of the Canal & River Trust and check substance in areas that are retained in the final work.
  • Watch out for areas that are being lead by assumptions and either reframe them / look for evidence to support if they are important to the argument, or leave them out if not.
  • Make sure each section is meticulously argued and evidenced.

When I spoke with my tutor, he recommended to leave submitting for assessment for as long as possible – let the work breathe and keep refining it as more things come to mind, including through the BoW. For me, this would mean submitting in January 2021. This makes sense to me and I’m in no rush to finish, so will wait until then.

I’ll have a last catch up with my tutor prior to the final push towards assessment.

2 thoughts on “CS.A5 | Tutor Feedback”

  1. Fitz, beware of timing related to submission of CS and BoW final assignments. Somebody got caught but I can’t remember precisely why. It was something like because both BoW and CS have to be submitted together the clock started running after the final assignment had been submitted for one of the courses not after the last final assignment for the second later course.

    1. Thanks Doug – I’ve just checked the regulations to see what that might be. I guess it’s the requirement to submit within 2 assessment events following the completion of the coursework and can see how one might come unstuck when doing two modules that need to be submitted together. Fortunately, it’s not a problem with my timescales but I can easily imagine how it could be when choosing to prioritise one module over the other, even for good practical reasons.

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