How have I come to do research?

I recently attended a tutor-led hang-out on the subject of research. It came at a time when OCA work has been placed mostly on the back-burner, apart from reading for CS during long commutes. So research – but with a sense of detachment from practice.

The hang-out presentation and discussion on research was both inspirational and an ‘aha’ moment. It offered a framework for thinking about research as a whole and its interconnectedness with practice. Something I knew needed to sit above the various OCA study materials – which need unpicking from their linearity. It asked the simple but profound questions – the ‘whys’, ‘the who says’, and perhaps most importantly ‘who cares’; what does it matter, what difference does this make?

Putting my essay outline for A3 on pause, I’ve now turned to thinking about the research process itself as a foundation for the rest of my final year. As well as the materials and ongoing discussions from the tutor-led group, I’ve come across the book, ‘Visualising Research: a guide to research in art and design’ by Gray and Malins, and will also be looking at other resources.

I have first come to research to define my own research process – how do I achieve the most from a body of work with related research in visual arts? How do I make this blog work for me to support level 3 studies, rather than follow a level 2 format that seems at best awkward and at worst irrelevant to the level 3 framework.