Photoshop x-book Zine

After the Zine workshop yesterday (, I made a Photoshop template by dividing a A4 blank document using guides, drawing squares for the pages and converting them to smart objects so images could be added to size later. I worked out the orientation for the numbers by making a blank x-book, numbering it, and then opening it out to see the numbering on a flat page; used this to add numbering/orientation in PS.

My xbook zine template in Photoshop

I made a quick x-book with some images from A2. It’s the featured image for this post. I wasn’t aiming for a high quality output, but something that I can keep to hand and reflect on the development of the work. It is already helping!

One thought on “Photoshop x-book Zine”

  1. That’s great Fitz, you’ve inspired me to do something similar. I’ve made a concertina book before but never a zine.

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