Digitising the model release

In my previous course, I used model release contracts printed on A5 card – convenient to carry in a camera bag. I’d scan them with the iPhone (a bit clunky) and leave the original with the subject.

For my BoW there will possibly be significant use of model releases, so I’m keen to streamline my process as part of my prep. I first looked at and demo’d various iPhone apps designed for the purpose. I found these cumbersome to use and didn’t think they would be practical and quick to use when outdoors – typing on an iPhone is not the best experience and impossible with gloves or cold hands.

I’ve recently starting using Rocketbook (https://getrocketbook.co.uk) note books – you write on them with Pilot erasable pens and wipe clean with a damp cloth. That doesn’t sound that innovative I know, but the really clever part is the icons at the foot of the pages which you can configure to send scans directly to different customisable locations in the scanning app. While the erasable notebooks are quite expensive, you can also download blank templates from the website and create non-erasable pads from scrap paper. I use an A5 erasable Rocketbook to carry with me and recycled A4 pads on my desk. What if I could hack the template files and create a model release that would scan direct to a cloud folder? Paper with tech!

I eventually achieved this and here’s the result that scans and uploads directly to a ‘model release’ folder in my GoogleDrive. The crossed icon is set to that location. Template was made in Word with a screen grab of the icons from the Rocketbook templates and a black border added as a page border. The border is used by the scanning app to quickly locate the scan area and doesn’t appear in the scanned document itself. Eureka!