Tutor meeting: BoW #1

Discussion notes

This was a preliminary discussion with Jayne – to introduce my BoW, talk around it and the direction for assignment 1 (diagnostic). Prep material / notes used in discussion are below. Here I note points to act / reflect upon, rather than on the whole discussion.

  1. Keep statement of intent fluid and refine as work progresses. Think of research curve as hour glass shaped, starting with a broad perspective, lots of variety and not too exacting about what to shoot. Gradually narrow things down and then focus on those aspects, making more work.
  2. On portraiture – look to film and painting for inspiration. For example the Dutch masters, Vermeer and Rembrandt.
  3. Discussed challenges of engaging portrait subjects while taking care of technical steps of lighting and directing posing (eg foreshortened foot in one of the L2 examples). Recommended rehearsing shooting routine so it becomes second nature and happens automatically during the real thing – the focus can then be on building an maintaining rapport with the subject.
  4. Possibility of using images and text (to expand reading beyond that which is represented). Suggested that snippets of dialogue with subjects might be something to explore.
  5. Asked about any conceptual thinking, linking psychogeography to portraiture. Suggested looking a tradition of tableau (painting / theatre), collective identity and the flaneur (eg could be subject as flaneur). It could also be worth considering the ‘gentrification’ of the waterways: people who traditionally lived on the canal being pushed out by weekend/holiday boaters perhaps (echo of holiday cottage situation?).
  6. Admin points:
    • Send informal/brief proposal for each assignment. Noted for A1 – put in a good range of material (ie not too closely edited) to allow discussion.
    • Drop email in between assignments to up date on status / shout for help if needed.


Mindmap to shape discussion

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Examples from L2 (as shared with Gina)


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Draft of A1 (no portraits yet!)


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Specific questions

  1. Research folder access – for BoW tutor as well as CS tutor?
  2. Updating on progress in between formal meetings?
  3. Genre – the unhelpful label of psychogeography? And conceptual thinking linking it to portraiture.


Level 2 to Level 3 transition statement. I’m planning to revisit this after A1 and not referencing it myself for now.