The name again

You have to live with things a while before deciding whether they are a good fit. I decided to change the project name to Slow Water Tales when I re-engaged with my BoW. There was always a slight niggle that this would sound like a children’s book – often seem to be called ‘tales’ and of course there is Tales from along the River Bank! When out shooting last week, I came across some graffiti on the boards around a building site – ‘Air Land Water’. I think it’s a broad description of what the canal is about without being directional. It would perhaps need a subtitle. I have an image to include in the BoW with the graffiti and as a plus, the domain name was available and I bought in a LCN sale for £1.20.

The text in the header was extracted from the photo in photoshop. I’m going to live with this name for a while and see where it takes me.

4 thoughts on “The name again”

    1. Hehe. This is worse than naming a baby – already caused some debate in my household! I do like your suggestion though. I’ll maybe do a naming competition on Discuss when I put up the A3 draft.

  1. How about asking your subjects along the canal to describe/name the project for you. Might come up with something really insightful/novel.

    1. Some seem to be bemused about me photographing the non picturesque along the canal – ‘what’s interesting here?’ could be a title. 🙂

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