Thoughts at BoW A4 – sound

I write when A4 will soon be ready to send to my tutor. Much of my time recently has been spent working with video and sound. In particular this reminded me of how much I enjoy working with sound – I find voice over particularly challenging but this is perhaps because I only attempt it once in a blue moon. I enjoyed putting together a sound scape from my field recordings. Much earlier in my OCA course I produced a video around a visit to Orkney and the story of HMS Royal Oak. I also found this enjoyable. I’ve been a life-long dabbler in music and have several guitars. I think the making of work with sound taps into this other passion.

Photography is such a multifaceted discipline – a tool that can be used for many things. I earlier reflected that I see myself as a photographer working primarily with prints, rather than an artist using photography to make objects. I enjoy the experience of interacting directly with the world and people through photography, rather than working with found images and archives for example. I now realise that I should habitually use sound with my work, both for enjoyment and a potential differentiation. It is an area for further research.

I’ll also remember to put my Roland sound recorder in my kit bag as the results from the iPhone were poor in comparision – some work was required in post production to reduce noise levels, which cancelled out the convenience of just using a phone.